Simple DNS Resolver v1.4


Author: Emmanuel KARTMANN.

Last Update: December 3rd, 1999


This application enable a sysadmin to control Windows NT Services remotely
(unlike the "net start" and "net stop" DOS commands which operates on the
local host only).


bulletRemote control of a Service (provided you have network access and sufficient access rights to the remote computer).
bulletStart/Stop of a Service
bulletQuery Service state (Stopped, Started, Stop Pending, etc...)
bulletQuery dependent Services
bulletList all Services installed on a computer
bulletSupport service Internal Name and/or Display Name
bulletControl dependent services, i.e. stop/start a service and all the services that depend on it (/START or /STOP option)


netsvc (/query|/start|/stop|/STOP|/list) \\computer [service]

/query: query service status, startup type, and list all dependent services
/start: start a service
/START: start a service and all its dependent services
/stop: stop a service
/STOP: stop a service and all its dependent services
/list: list all services on computer


Download Article and Source Code (14 KB).

Download self-extracting kit (62 KB).