SimpleWebClient v1.5

Author: Emmanuel KARTMANN.

Creation Date: February 7th, 2000

Last Update: February 17th, 2000

Using the Simple Web Client in Internet Explorer


This ATL COM component provides very simple Internet Web functionality (HTTP).

This component has been designed to provide high-performance and low resource usage. It's perfectly suited for testing a Web Application (integrated within a VB client which implements a testing scenario, for example).



To use this component:

SAMPLE CODE (VBScript/Server)

    Dim oHTTP

    Set oHTTP = CreateObject("Emmanuel.SimpleHTTPClient.1")

    Dim page_url
    page_url = document.forms("REQUEST_FORM").item("PAGE_URL").value
    Dim page_content
    Dim page_type

    ' Download a text page
    oHTTP.DownloadPage page_url, page_content, page_type, 0

    ' Show page type (HTTP "Content-Type")
    MsgBox "Page Type: " & page_type

    ' Show page content in a dialog box
    MsgBox page_content

Please refer to the test HTML files for a full VBSsript example :


Here's the low-level (API) documentation for the component:


Download Article and Source Code (74 KB).

Download self-extracting kit (58 KB).