Test DNS Magic (SMTP) in HTML/VBScript

CAUTION: the SimpleDNSResolver COMponent must have been registered on your machine to be able to use this page.

This page will let you test the DNS Magic regarding SMTP. If you're connected to a well configured TCP/IP network, the DNSResolverClient component will find all the declared SMTP servers in your domain. You should be able to send email using their names.

Optionally, you can specify the IP address of your DNS server (if you don't, the component will find the address in your machine's configuration/registry).
Optionally, you can specify a Domain Name (if you don't, the component will find the domain name of your machine in its configuration/registry).
If you click on the "Autoinitialize" button below, the form will be automatically filled with your machine's domain and the DNS servers.

DNS Server:
Requested Resource Class: C_IN: ARPA Internet
Requested Resource Type: T_MX: mail routing information
IP Domain Name
(empty string to use your machine's domain):
Separator for multiple values:

Resolved Names: